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PRCS Hospitals in Halhul and Tulkarm as COVID-19 Treatment Centers

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(11/3/2020- Al-Bireh): The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has placed its hospitals in Tulkarm and Halhul at the disposal of the emergency committee charged with confronting the new Corona virus, as treatment centers for those infected. This action comes as a response to the current emergency in the West Bank, which resulted from the outbreak of the virus and the increasing number of infected people.

"Before the crisis of the Corona virus, PRCS was about to launch a new hospital and announce the completion of all the necessary arrangements. Nevertheless, PRCS geared towards utilizing the hospital as a treatment center," said Dr. Jihad Al-Badawi, Director of the PRCS branch in Halhul.

In Tulkarm, PRCS has placed the surgical department in its hospital at the disposal of the emergency committee, equipped to receive and treat cases immediately and urgently. This is where the first case infected with Corona virus in Tulkarm was received.

The Director of the hospital, Raed Yassin, said, "Upon detection of the first cases of virus infections in Tulkarm, the PRCS coordinated with the emergency committee headed by the governor, and agreed to use the building of the surgical department, for it is equipped and can be easily isolated."

As a member of the Crisis Management Committee of the Coronavirus, the PRCS is committed to proceed with its preparations and the provision of equipment at all levels.

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