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Over 80 families displaced by floods remain stranded

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In Summary

  • Effect. Authorities say many affected families are seeking shelter at their relatives homes while others remain stranded.


A t least 80 families that were displaced by floods in Butebo District are stranded without shelter and food. The rain that was accompanied by hailstorms destroyed houses and several gardens of cassava and bananas at the weekend.

The most affected villages were Komolo, Kachuru and Maizimasa in Kabwangasi Sub-county.

Kachuru Primary School was the worst hit school after several blocks got destroyed and textbooks soaked in water.

The chairperson of Komolo Village, Mr Wilber Okiiso, said affected families are stranded.

“Their houses were destroyed. They need urgent help,” Mr Okiiso said, adding that the disaster has resurrected fears of famine because many food crops were destroyed.

Ms Rosemary Naizuli, the district councillor of Kabwangasi Sub-county, who also doubles as the secretary of education and health, said preliminary assessment indicate that more than 80 homesteads have been affected.

“We have written to the district asking for support but they are yet to respond,” Ms Naizuli said. She said pupils at Kachuru Primary School are now studying under trees.

The chairperson of Kabwangasi Sub-county, Mr Charles Koluo, said they are working with local council chairpersons in carrying out a comprehensive assessment to establish the magnitude of the disaster.

“We are compiling a list of families that were affected in order to see how best they can be helped by the district, the Disaster (preparedness) ministry and the Red Cross,” he said.

The chairperson of Butebo, Mr Sam Keddi, said: “The magnitude of the disaster is big because most of the affected families are seeking shelter at their relatives.”

The Resident District Commissioner, Ms Fatuna Ndisaba, said they are waiting for a report for appropriate action. “They urgently need food and other basic necessities but we have asked the district to make an assessment before government responds,“ she said.