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Rapid Need Assessment Report for Edirne (Turkey) March 2020

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Context Analysis:

Northwestern Syria is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises as the situation in the deescalation zone in Idlib further deteriorates with the unceasing attacks as well as the poor living conditions resulting from the assaults on civilians. Syrian and Russian forces have recently intensified their bombardment of targets in Idlib, where the Assad regime has vowed to recapture, prompting a wave of refugees towards Turkey.

The impact of the developments on the political ground was reflected in the human area immediately. A dense mass of different nationalities living in Turkey in this framework is directed to the western border in order to reach Europe. The humanitarian situation is carrying its urgency in the border region, since the other countries are not allowing the population mobility to their own territories.

Unstable politic atmosphere and changeable character of the political ground has carry potential to repeat this sorts of humanitarian crises, which can be read on the historical line of world biggest humanitarian crisis as bring an integral part of it.

In this context, in line of the emergency response and assessment procedures, MSYD field office in Istanbul has been made a rapid need assessment.