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Crop Monitor for Early Warning | No. 47 – March 2020

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In East Africa, land preparation and planting is underway for Belg cereals in Ethiopia and planting of long rains cereal crops across the rest of the region will start next month. There is significant concern due to the presence and potential impact of desert locusts. In West Africa, crops are out of season except for secondary rice crops in Mali and Mauritania, which are under favourable conditions due to sufficient rainfall. In North Africa, there is concern for wheat crops in parts of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia due to high temperatures and rainfall deficits. In the Middle East, while rainfall has been favourable, conflict continues to impact agricultural activities in Syria and Iraq. In Southern Africa, while rains in February improved rainfall deficits and caused flooding in some areas, there is continuing concern for main season cereals across areas of Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Namibia, and parts of Botswana where recent rainfall was not enough to counteract previously dry conditions. In Central and South Asia, precipitation since January has improved previously dry conditions across the west of the subregion and winter wheat conditions are favourable. In Southeast Asia, planted area of dry season rice is reduced due to the lack of irrigation water and natural water resources following poor precipitation during the 2019 wet-season and continuing rainfall deficits. In Central America and the Caribbean, Apante season beans and winter rice crops, to be harvested in mid-March, are favourable due to sufficient rains.