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WFP Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Response | Situation Report #34 (January 2020)

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In Numbers

855,000 refugees in the camps

100 percent of the population provided with general food assistance in January 2020

300,000 people receive WFP assistance in the local communities


• Aligning of WFP beneficiary database with the recently (January 2020) released Government of Bangladesh – UNHCR refugee population figure is ongoing. The current population figure stands at 855,000.

• WFP provides integrated food assistance to 100 percent of the refugee population i.e., 855,000 refugees in the camps.

• WFP plans to scale-up the farmers’ market with operationalizing four more through March. Currently, more than 30,000 individuals are assisted through the market which has engaged 24 farmers, retailers and small-scale traders.

• Refugee Emergency Vulnerability Assessment (REVA) III internal presentations are ongoing. This will be key at determining programme priorities for WFP and relevant humanitarian actors in Cox’s Bazar.