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Andrean Region, South America: Appeal No. MAA46001 Annual Report

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This report covers the period 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2009.

In brief

Programme purpose: Support the five National Societies in the Andean Region, ensuring closer work with the National Societies, to effectively implement the Inter-American Plan 2007-2011.

Programme summary: The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)'s Regional Representation for the Andean Region, based in Lima, continued its activities in 2009 to support the membership needs of the National Societies of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. This technical accompaniment, in alignment with the New Operating Model (NOM), led to the joint development of country support plans with the National Societies of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. These plans contribute to guiding regional programme support which reflects national needs and priorities, informed by available capacities and resources and in harmony with global, continental and regional Federation initiatives. National Societies have well received the definition of country support plans, which shows a positive change towards providing more specific and tailor-made support.

Progress at the programme level has been maintained, despite resource challenges. Community risk reduction actions have contributed to training more communities and volunteers as well as establishing national and community-based disaster preparedness plans. The Health and Care programme has increased the number of HIV and AIDS actions and Club 25 members; it also has provided and trained National Societies in the use of the Epidemic Control Toolkit and in Health in Emergencies and epidemic control. The Organizational Development programme continued to provide tailor-made support to the National Societies with a particular focus on strengthening organizational capacities and ensuring the reduction of integrity issues. The Principles and Values programme published a guide on non-discrimination and respect for diversity which was disseminated to the National Societies in the region.

The DIPECHO V project in the Grand Chaco (Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay) on disaster risk reduction, completed in 2009, fulfilled its objective of strengthening local and national Disaster Risk Management in this tri-border region. In mid-2009, the DIPECHO VI project for volunteering in emergencies in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru started actions that will provide uniform volunteer standards in emergencies and support the national civil defence systems' response and coordination. The Peru Earthquake Operation concluded the majority of its activities by the end of the year; this operation officially ended in February 2010.

The financial statement will be attached in the coming days.