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Vanuatu authorities monitor Gaua volcano

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Activity at the Gaua volcano in Vanuatu's northern Torba Province is continuing to cause concern for the local people.

They have all moved to the east side of Gaua Island to avoid falling ash, mudslides and poisonous gases.

Authorities in the capital Port Vila are urging people to stay calm as they monitor the volcano closely.

Field observations reported by the geo-hazards officer in Gaua confirm thicker and higher emissions of ash columns but the alert level remains at Two out of a possible Four.

Sylvain Todman is a Geohazards Technical Advisor in Vanuatu's Department of Geology.

"The current risk is mainly ash falls and then mudflows," he said.

"It's true that we have an increase in activity but not like a level 3. Evacuation is ready the plan is ready the location is ready, it's a very tough situation for the local population of Gaua, they're scared they're afraid, it's a very new situation for them."

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