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Capacity Development Working Group 2020 Work Plan

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The capacity development working group was revitalized during the second half of 2019. The aim is to facilitate dialogue between CCCM trainers and to exchange views, best practices, methods and approaches on capacity building for the CCCM community. The working group overall goal is to support predictable, timely, effective and quality management and coordination of camps and camp-like settings in response to humanitarian crises, in line with 2017-2022 Global CCCM Cluster Strategy.

In 2019 the Working group focused on:

  • Finalizing and approving the working group ToRs.

  • Establishing a training registry with the purpose of mapping and tracking capacity building events happening around the world; and

  • Conducting a learning needs assessment on capacity building needs in the sector, for future planning.

The capacity development working group hosted a breakout session during the CCCM Global cluster retreat in October 2019. The breakout sessions included a discussion with participants divided by regional groups, on priorities and learning needs the working group should focus its attention in 2020. The discussion was translated into different action points/recommendations for the capacity development working group to address in the coming year. These included:

  • Impact evaluations

  • Improve sharing of tools, methods and approaches among trainers and countries operations

  • Support development of a diversified training portfolio, with different layers of training to be adapted depending from contexts, response and level of experience of the audience

  • Advocate for dedicated funding for capacity building initiatives

The capacity building working group held a meeting on 6th November 2019, to further debrief on the discussion with participants who were not at the treat and develop action points and brainstorm on activities and priorities for 2020.

Based on these different discussions, the following work-plan has been drafted to guide the working group activities in 2020. The work-plan was circulated with working group partners for revision and comments on December 10th and approved on January 7th 2020.

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