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Health Cluster Ukraine 2019 Bulletin #6 November - December 2019

Health Cluster
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• A smaller working group within health cluster has been formed that will closely look into the new health reform and document the changes that have impacted or can potentially impact the ongoing humanitarian response. The group compiled observations from different project teams currently in the field and the draft was presented at the last health cluster meeting held on 13 December.

• A team from WHO, instrumental in the health reform agenda, briefed health cluster partners on progress thus far and landmarks of the ongoing reform. The major characteristic of the reform includes making health provider autonomous, strong IT capability and income generating components. Affordable medicine program with budget been approved, All hospitals are expected to have a contract on or before 1st April 2020, readiness assessment conducted to decide and provide the package of medical guarantee of basic services

• Health Cluster participated in the Inter-Cluster Coordination Group (ICCG) undertook a joint field visit, on 16-19 December, to eastern Ukraine to isolated settlements ‘Mykolayivka’, ‘Chermalyk’,’ Pavlopil’ and ‘Talakivka’ along Mariupol axis with the objective to gain a first-hand understanding of the humanitarian needs and response challenges in these locations

• The cluster had two meeting during the period, one each in November and December with different agenda items including health reform; emergency preparedness and IHR, child protection sub cluster and operational update

• Health cluster together with OCHA drafted narrative section of HRP 2020, the cluster also provided final comments and input on the final draft of HNO 2020.