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Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCov) Outbreak Operations update #2 - Emergency appeal n°MDR00005 (14 February 2020)

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Emergency appeal: MDR00005
GLIDE: EP-2020-000012-CHN
Operation timeframe: 31 Jan - 31 Dec 2020
Funding requirements: CHF 32,000,000
Funding gap: CHF 31,278,496


46,997 confirmed cases globally


11 Feb 2020 IFRC expands its response and preparedness programmes and issues revised Emergency Appeal for 32 million Swiss francs


Response by Red Cross Society of China and National Societies in East Asia
Red Cross Society of China
Ambulatory services and operations

Emergency rescue and transportation teams have also deployed to Wuhan in the evening of 10 February 2020, meeting up with an eight-member ERT specialized in transporting patients with infectious diseases, and will be assisting in operations in coordination with Beijing, Qinghai, and Inner Mongolia ERTs. PPE and logistical support materials for the ambulance transfer team have been delivered, and pre-hospital first aid protection training provided. Based on arrangements by the Hubei epidemic prevention and control headquarters, the RC ambulance and transport teams from Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, and Qinghai will respectively carry out the patient transport tasks in Wuhan emergency centre and Tongji hospital in Wuhan. During the period 22 January to 10 February 2020, the 999-emergency response centre of the Beijing Red Cross Branch has dispatched a total of 8,239 vehicles for patients with fever.

The Red Cross Society of China disinfection volunteer team in Hubei has conducted sanitation and disinfection tasks in six cities (Wuhan, Huanggang, Xiaogan, Jingmen and Jingzhou) in Hubei in the past 15 days, covering areas of 2,440,000 m2 . The disinfection items were mobilized and delivered to Hubei on average of 200 tons every day.

The volunteers also provide disinfection trainings to the local people. The second batch of 20 negative pressure ambulances purchased by RCSC have arrived Wuhan on 7-9 February 2020. Ten of these ambulances will be temporarily used by the RCSC Ambulance convoy for critically ill patients, and the remaining were handed over to Wuhan Municipal Emergency Centre.
As of 11 February 2020, 5:00PM Central Standard Time (CST), RCSC Headquarter and Chinese Red Cross Foundation had received donations at a total value of CHF 140.17 million (1.002 billion yuan – out of which 789.45 million yuan in cash and 212.94 million yuan in-kind). The received funds and materials will be used in accordance with the needs of epidemic prevention and control and the wishes of donors. The RCSC Qinghai branch publishes and broadcasts the receipt and use of donated funds and goods on Qinghai Daily, Qinghai radio and television station and other media, and online training has been conducted for staff handling the customs and reception processes and procedures.

The RCSC Guangdong branch has issued “Guideline for Red Cross to carry on First Aid work during the period of new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control", put forward to innovate working mode, make full use of online First Aid training platform, to add relevant content of infectious diseases knowledge and protection in the training, strengthen epidemic prevention and control knowledge dissemination, and to improve public selfprotection awareness and ability. The Guangdong Branch has also developed and launched the online training course "Public health safety plan for enterprises and public institutions to resume work".

Hong Kong branch of RCSC
Risk communication and community engagement activities include health and hand hygiene promotion information shared at four public exhibitions, together with the distribution of 1,725 packs of hand sanitizers. Weekly “live” online health talks are now available on the HKRC YouTube channel.