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Afghanistan Humanitarian Response: Wash Cluster Updates Cluster Achievements - January 2020

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Response: With Support from OFDA, UNICEF through its implemenƟng partner (PRRD), is responding to vulnerable people with humanitarian needs in PotayKalacha village, TirinKot district of Uruzgan province, through construction of solar operating water supply system. The project will be completed in April 2020 and will provide safe drinking water to 1,850 people. The project also includes hygiene promotion for positive behavior change.

Challenges/Issues: Taxation/levies imposed by Non-state Actor Groups (NSAG) continue to hinder access and delivery of humanitarian assistance to the affected vulnerable population, addiƟonally access in some of the hard to reach locaƟons is challenging, for partners have to undertake lengthy negotiations with NSAG further delaying timely humanitarian response to an already vulnerable population affected by the harsh winter season.

Needs assessments: WASH cluster partners identified 19,768 conflict IDPs, returnees and vulnerable people with humanitarian needs (118,608 people) in need of WASH assistance in Faryab, Sari-pul, Jawzjan and Balkh Provinces. In addition, WASH partners are currently conducting needs assessments in various parts across the country. These will be updated in the next monthly report.

Preparedness: WASH partners have emergency stocks in 46 locations across 28 provinces (36,191 hygiene kits, 8,281 water kits, 2,864 latrine slabs, 47 water storage tanks of different capacities and 3.8 Million Aqua-tab) that can cover the needs of 200,000 people for a period of one month.