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Chile: Americas Protection Monitoring Dashboard (Second Semester 2019)

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This dashboard includes data as of August 2019 from Protection Monitoring activities of the situations of Venezuela and NCA. Use the dropdown filters on the right to select data according to your context.

Most questions are addressed to an adult member of the family, while some are asked to all members of the family group at the individual level. Some sections are only asked for people with a specific profile. Use the number of interviews at the beginning of each tab as a reference of the universe of respondents to specific sections.

This assessment portrays the profile of those interviewed and it is not aimed at being a representative sample of the population.

How to read the graphs?

  • Red colour draws attention to the prevalence of a specific category among the population surveyed (e.g., percentage of children without access to education).
  • Blue bar graphs represent single-option questions. Its percentage is calculated based on the total number of respondents and adds up to 100%.
  • Green bar graphs, in turn, represent questions in which respondents can select more than one answers. The percentage shown does not add up to 100%, as it is calculated based on the number of respondents who chose that answer.

The decimal places of most percentages were rounded up to facilitate the reading. Please use the cursor to interact with and fully read the graphs.