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WFP helps almost 900,000 displaced Syrians with food aid

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In Numbers

689,100 people displaced since 01 December 2019

409,000 newly displaced people assisted with WFP ready-to-eat rations since 01 December 2019

897,500 people provided with WFP general food assistance in January 2020


• The dramatic escalation of violence across north-western Syria is fuelling a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation. Population displacement has accelerated significantly in recent weeks, with more than 100,000 people displaced between 02 and 09 February alone.

• WFP has provided emergency food assistance to more than 400,000 recently displaced people since 01 December and provided general food assistance to more than 897,000 people in January.

• WFP operations are being significantly hampered by the volatile security situation, as well as by the rapid movement of people, winter weather conditions and military movement.

Situation Update

• The security situation in north-western Syria is deteriorating rapidly as hostilities continue across southern and eastern Idlib governorate as well as western Aleppo governorate.

• The extreme levels of violence is spurring population displacement on a massive scale, which has accelerated significantly in recent weeks. According to the UNHCR-led Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) Cluster, some 689,100 people have now been displaced since 01 December. Some 102,000 people were displaced over the week of 02-09 February alone.

• The Dana sub-district of Idlib governorate on the border with Turkey remains the main destination of the recently displaced. More than 80 percent are women and children, and more than half, some 364,000 people, are reporting food as a priority need.