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Policy Weekly Vol.4 Issue 22, February 07 - 14, 2020: Recovering the Sahel: Part Three of Four - Sahel: Evaluating Current Solutions

Burkina Faso
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Policy Recommendations

  1. While security and military solutions are required to weaken terrorist groups, these tactics are insufficient unless political, economic and security governance deficits are dealt with and service delivery enhanced.

  2. Local dialogues with armed groups should be sustained. In pursuant of this, it must be recognised that the leaders of the armed groups and their foot soldiers do not necessarily share the same interests.

  3. Increased commitment of the developed countries such as the U.S. is required in terms of contribution of troops.

  4. The forum of the G-5 should be scaled-up through integration of key neighbouring countries such as Algeria and Libya, with more efforts on Saharan and Sahel boundaries.