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Pacific Syndromic Surveillance System Weekly Bulletin / Système de Surveillance Syndromique dans le Pacifique - Bulletin Hebdomadaire: W5 2020 (Jan 27-Feb 02)

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Acute Fever and Rash : Tonga and Federated States of Micronesia - alter is under verification

Other updates:


-There is ongoing Dengue serotype-3 outbreak (week 38) in Majuro in the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI). As of February 2, 2020 there have been 2,456 cases including 1087 laboratory confirmed cases since June 2019. Of these total reported cases there was one death. 147 new cases were seen in the last 7 days. Travel restrictions have been lifted for outer islanders and Majuro is closely monitoring the dengue situation through active surveillance. [Source: RMI Dengue outbreak Situation Report 2 February 2020]

Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

  • As of February 6, 2020, Globally 28,276 cases of 2019-nCoV have been confirmed. Out of these China reported 28,060 confirmed cases reported from 33 provinces or regions or cities. Among the 28,060 cases 3,859 are severe and there have been 564 (73 new in last 24 hours) deaths including 1 out side of China.

  • There have been 216 cases reported from 24 countries outside China and include cases from: Singapore (28), Japan (25), Thailand (25), Republic of Korea (23), Cases on an International conveyance (Japan) (20), Australia (14), United States of America (12), Malaysia (12), Germany (12), Viet Nam (10), Viet Nam (10), France (6), Canada (5), United Arab Emirates (5), Philippines (3), India (3), Italy (2), United Kingdom (2), Russian Federation (2), Nepal (1), Finland (1), Sri Lanka (1), Spain (1), Sweden (1), Belgium (1), Cambodia (1)

  • WHO's advice on 2019-nCoV containment are active surveillance, early detection, case management and isolation. Further measures include contact tracing and prevention of transmission. Technical guidance documents can be sourced from this link.

Ebola - Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • As of 6 February 2020, the cumulative number of Ebola cases is 3,429 (3,306 confirmed, 123 probable) including 2,246 deaths (CFR 66%). Since 26 January 2020, there have been seven new confirmed cases in Beni (n=6) and Mabalako (n=1), with six new deaths. In the 21 days from 12 January to 1 February 2020, 28 new confirmed cases were reported in Beni (18) and Mabalako (10) health zones. At the same time, 27 health zones have not reported confirmed cases for more than 21 days. For further updates please refer: WHO EVD outbreak dashboard , AFRO EVD situation report. and WHO's Disease Outbreak News.