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Research Terms of Reference: Northeast Syria Formal and Informal Camp Profiling and Mapping (SYR2001a), Syria, January 2020 (Version 1)

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An estimated 6.1 million Syrians are internally displaced7 as of November 2019. Of this population, a large proportion live in IDP sites such as formal camps, collective centres, and informal tented settlements. In northeast Syria, there are 11 formal and large informal camps for IDPs and refugees with a combined population of 27,000 households. Displacement in northern Syria continues, and the increase in military activity starting on 9 October 2019 has led to as many as 220,000 additional people being displaced. In northeast Syria, REACH has published six rounds of profiles and detailed maps (full profiling using household surveys, key informant interviews and infrastructure mapping) on the formal and large informal camps in the region, as well as four rounds of light profiles on informal tented settlements and collective centres.9 These information products are widely used and shared by the humanitarian sector. The most recent round of data collection took place between 22 September and 3 October 2019, immediately before the increase in military operations. As a result of these operations, two of the surveyed camps were closed and their inhabitants transferred to other camps in NES; two further camps which were in the process of being decommissioned have been reactivate; and at least one new camp has been opened. Therefore there is an urgent need for up-to-date information on the services and needs in camps since October 2019. Separate research cycles will look at camps in northwest Syria and informal sites and settlements in northeast Syria.