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Market-Based Programming (MBP): What's it all about? [EN/AR]

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What is a market?

Before, during and after a crisis hits, communities around the world are buying and selling. Markets are places where these buyers and sellers come together to exchange goods and services. It doesn’t have to be a physical place (eg online shopping) but there do need to be at least two sellers for a healthy market.

Communities and markets have relationships at all times.

What is MBP?

Market Based Programming (MBP) in Oxfam’s work means we always consider existing markets – through assessments, analysis and programming – across all phases of a response and across all technical sectors.

At Oxfam, we believe programmes which are market-based can:

  • Be cheaper and quicker using existing market supply chains, capacities and networks

  • Provide choice and dignity to populations

  • Contribute towards market rehabilitation and economic recovery

  • Support community engagement by linking local stakeholders to expressed community needs

  • Link with the private sector to foster innovation

  • Tackle questions of power dynamics and inequality around buying and selling