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Outcome of the 2019 Post Deyr Seasonal Food Security and Nutrition Assessment

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Assessment, analysis and vetting of the results conducted in collaboration with government, UN agencies, local and international NGOs and technical partners

• Planning Workshop/Training: Hargeisa, Garowe, Galkacyo,
Beletweyne, Mogadishu, Baidoa, Dollow, Dhobley and Kismayo

• Fieldwork (data collection): November and December 2019

• Regional Analysis: Hargeisa, Garowe and Mogadishu (28 December-4 January)

• All Team IPC Analyses: Hargeisa (6-16 January)

• Technical Vetting: Hargeisa (18 January)

• Technical Briefing for Government: Mogadishu (28 January)

• Briefing for Senior Government Officials: Mogadishu (28 January)

• Dissemination: to All Stakeholders in Mogadishu, Federal Member States and Hargeisa (3 February)

• Briefing for to All Stakeholders in Nairobi (5 February)