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[China] Distribution of medical supplies in response to the Coronavirus outbreak

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In response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus in China, ARROWS, an airborne medical search and rescue organization run by the PWJ has begun emergency support activities. ARROWS will transport essential medical supplies including N95 masks, medical protective clothing, disposable gloves, face covers, and medical hats to China.

One Chinese ARROWS staff member will catch the Spring Airlines 12:30 flight from Saga to Shanghai on the 27th of January. After arriving, he will work with the local welfare organization and partner group Ramunion to distribute essential emergency medical supplies to hospitals in Wuhan and Shanghai.

On the 30th of January, as part of the first set of supplies, 1680 N95 masks and 1900 disposable medical latex gloves were delivered to local partner organization Ramunion as well as the Changhai Hospital. Since Wuhan City currently has priority on medical support, many hospitals in Shanghai are running low on medical supplies. The director of the Changhai hospital told us smiling, “Please pass on our gratitude to the Japanese people. Thank you very much!” after supplies were handed over. The PeaceWinds staff member also went around surveying pharmacies in Shanghai to investigate the availability of medical goods. Masks and disinfectants were sold out indicating high demand. Not only this, over 90% of restaurants were closed and with the probability of supermarkets and convenience stores also closing increasing, the situation has the potential to get worse.

In addition, two ARROWS doctors in Japan continue to research and analyze data regarding the virus to supplement local relief efforts. In order to prevent infection of both international and local staff, before and after dispatch ARROWS doctors will guide and conduct tests that take into account various factors such as route of infection, mortality, new mutations, characteristics of the virus, what to do if there is suspicion of infection etc.

Not only this, the local situation regarding security is also being monitored to ensure safety of the staff. When returning to Japan, careful consideration of physical condition of the staff is taken to ensure that the disease is not brought in and spread in Japan.

In order to stem the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we must all work together to save as many lives as possible. Thank you for your support and cooperation.