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Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand – Cyclone Tino (DG ECHO, IFRC, Government of Tonga, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 19 January 2020)

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  • In Fiji, disruption to services is by now limited to a few re-scheduled flights, some power and water supplies interruption and roads blockage. Twenty-two Evacuation Centres remain activated in the Eastern Division and total evacuees now stand at 279. Restoration of water and power supply and road access continues.

  • In Tonga, Ha’apai and Vava’u has suffered the most from category 3 Cyclone Tino. Infrastructure in Ha’apai is in urgent need of repair. According to the Government of Tonga, there had been no reported casualties or deaths from the storm but many areas in Ha'apai remained without power. The agriculture sector faces the most damage again, as a result of the cyclone.

  • The cyclone has been downgraded to category 2 and is moving towards New Zealand. The most impacted areas will be the East Cape, Gisborne and Hawke's Bay.