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Shelter NFI Cluster South Sudan: Flood Response Snapshot, December 2019

Sudán del Sur
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The Shelter and Non-Food Items (S/NFI) Cluster has scaled up its operations responding to the needs of the population affected by floods that devastated the lives of some of 908,000 individuals in several locations in South Sudan mainly in Greater Upper Nile Area.

The S/NFI cluster provides flood emergency kits containing essentials non-food items that include: one blanket, two plastic sheets, one bundle of rubber rope, and two mosquito nets.

The S/NFI Cluster continues to respond to flood affected population with emergency reponse kits covering 18 locations (Pibor Town, Gumuruk, Lekuangole, Doma, Yomding, Kewer, Ulang Town, Mayom, Mankien, Pieri, Pathai, Yuai, Motot, Kangor, Lith, Pakeer, Ajuong, and Duk Padiet) in three states (Jonglei, Upper Nile, and Unity), reaching a total of 35,824 households (214,944 individuals) since October 2019.

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