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Madagascar Preparedness Quarterly update, October - December 2019

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• After the visit of Dominique Debonis- WFP Senior Policy and Programme Officer-at Madagascar, the Country Capacity Strengthening (CSS) strategy has been finalised at WFP level and presented to the Bureau National de Gestion des Risques et des Catastrophes (BNGRC) for their first global review which will cover all capacity strengthening activities aligned with WFP Country Strategic Plan (CSP). More details are available here:

• The second wave of Logistics Workshops (GTTL) was launched in the five high-risk Regions of Madagascar. These workshops aim to update the Regional Action Plans and to discuss the main priorities for the next hurricane season.

• After the meeting of the Comité de Reflexion des Intervenants en Catastrophe (CRIC), the Logistics Sectorial Group (National level) has made an update on the Sectorial Contingency Plan and has discussed the main challenges and needs for the next emergency season. The document is available here in French.

• The cyclone Belna which hit Madagascar on December was the opportunity to reinforce the coordination and collaboration among the Logistics Sectorial Working Group. The Logistics Working group at Majunga (Regional level) was also activated to support the Regional coordination during the Belna emergency response.