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CrisisInSight Weekly Picks, 16 January 2019

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A Northeast monsoon which brought heavy rains to Indonesia in early January, has resulted in severe flooding in the greater Jakarta area.

The provinces of West Java, Banten, and Jakarta were hardest hit, with 74 districts and 293 sub-districts affected by flash flooding and landslides, affecting more than 500,000 people and resulting in 67 deaths.

As of 16 January, 19,000 people remain displaced across 60 emergency shelters...

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Cold temperatures and record-breaking snowfall have wreaked havoc on Pakistan, resulting in 109 deaths as of 16 January. Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Balochistan provinces are the hardest hit.

A state of emergency has been declared in Balochistan, where heavy snow which began on 10 January has disrupted communications, electricity, and transportation.

Reports from media and national authorities suggest as many as 700 villages in AJK remain inaccessible...

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On 10 January the UN Security Council (UNSC) approved resolution 2504 prolonging the delivery of UN humanitarian aid through the border crossings of Bab al Salam and Bab al Hawa between Turkey and north-west Syria just before its final deadline.

Following the resolution aid will no longer be delivered through two additional crossings, the Jaber-Naseeb crossing with Jordan and the Al Yaroubia crossing with Iraq. This increases the workload for humanitarian operators within north-east Syria...

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