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Tanzania Humanitarian Situation Report (January-December 2019)

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Situation in Numbers

  • 278,275: Number of refugees and asylum seekers (Burundians and Congolese) in three camps and in hosting villages and settlements in Tanzania. (UNHCR, 31st October 2019)

  • 235,659: Number of refugees in three camps.

  • 134,326 (57 per cent): Number of refugee children requiring humanitarian assistance.

  • 47,132 (20 per cent): Number of children under five years old living in the three refugee camps.

  • 78,797: Number of refugees voluntarily returned to Burundi of the 95,446 registered since September 2017.


  • UNICEF supported the provision of Vitamin A supplementation (VAS) to 52,888 refugee children aged six to 59 months. A total of 1,507 refugee children and 239 hosting community children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) were admitted into therapeutic programmes. The performance of the SAM programme is within the Sphere standards (cure rate of 79 per cent).

  • UNICEF supported polio and measles vaccinations reaching 22,648 refugee children (94 per cent of the target) to prevent childhood illnesses.

  • With support from UNICEF, Plan International and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) have identified, assessed and placed 7,719 unaccompanied and separated children with foster families.

  • A total of 98,183 refugee school children have benefitted from teaching and learning materials with the support from UNICEF.

  • UNICEF in collaboration with WHO and partners supported the government to revise the National Ebola Virus Disease preparedness plan and participated in the revision of Standard Operating Procedures for all pillars.