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Madagascar: Humanitarian Situation Report No. 4 (Reporting Period: 01 January to 31 December 2019)

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Situation in Numbers

  • 7.6 million: Children in need of humanitarian assistance

  • 8.1 million: People in need

  • 7.25 million: Children to be reached

  • 7.3 million: People to be reached


  • The measles epidemic, the main humanitarian disaster in Madagascar for the first half of 2019, was brought under control thanks to nationwide vaccination campaigns (over 7.2 million children under nine were vaccinated).

  • The number of new cases has significantly decreased, and no deaths have been officially reported since April.

  • UNICEF Madagascar is now concentrating its humanitarian responses on disaster risk reduction and on vulnerable people in the drought-prone south suffering from malnutrition and lack of access to safe water.

  • From January to October 2019, 21,800 children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) were admitted and treated, exceeding the 2019 target of 17,000 SAM children accessing therapeutic treatment.

  • A total of 106,644 people in the south gained access to safe water through water trucking and rehabilitation of boreholes.

  • The tropical cyclone Belna hit the north-west of the country in December 2019, resulting in four deaths and 2,996 directly impacted individuals. UNICEF provided emergency responses in the sectors of WASH, education and child protection to the cyclone victims.