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Sudan: Cholera Outbreak Emergency Plan of Action Update n° 1 - DREF Operation n° MDRSD027

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Summary of major revisions made to emergency plan of action:

Through this Operation Update, the action is extended for a period of 2 months without additional costs. Although the number of cholera cases sensibly reduced from September 2019, suspected cases continued to be identified in the targeted areas of this DREF.

Moreover, as per the OCHA Situation report dated December 52 a second wave of cholera cases might happen between January and February 2020 in eastern Sudan related to the onset of the local rainy season.

Therefore, an extension of the operation would allow the Sudanese Red Crescent Society (SSRC) to continue preventive actions consolidating its presence in communities where volunteers started operating between September and October.

Savings in certain budget lines due to favorable exchange rate allow for a reallocation of resources to continue activities for 2 months.

In particular, the additional 2 months will serve the SSRC to focus on:

• communities characterized by a high concentration of people, where shared amenities and services generally in unsanitary conditions and inadequate use of unsafe water increase the risk of infection;

• nomadic communities, prevalent in certain States, which due to their nature results difficult to make followup on the adoption of proper hygiene and sanitation practices, as well as correct safe water management