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Macedonia: Coordinating Body for Prevention of Natural Disasters sets five ground-operation teams

Macedonia del Norte
Govt. FYRoM
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Five ground-operating teams of the Coordinating Body for Prevention of Natural Disasters will take measures to thwart possible floods and deal with consequences of bad weather, Defense Minister Zoran Konjanovski said Wednesday in Ohrid.

- I am the leader on one team, while the other four are under the helm of Agriculture Minister Ljupco Dimoski, Transport and Communications Minister Mile Janakieski, Crisis Management Center's director Pande Lazarevski, and director of Protection and Rescue Directorate Saban Saliu. We shall be on the ground every day as long as there is a need for coordinating the activities, Konjanovski said.

The Ohrid Lake level has been stable for few days, being at 23 centimeters above the determined quota. The weather forecast however says that heavy rainfalls will hit western Macedonia in the upcoming days.