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The Aid in Danger Monthly News Brief, December 2019

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This monthly digest comprises threats and incidents of violence affecting the delivery of humanitarian assistance.


Burkina Faso

Early December 2019: In Fada N’gourma city and department, Gourma province, Est region, a government representative forbade aid organisations from using their own data on the number of registered IDPs when planning assistance. Instead, agencies have been asked to rely on official government figures when delivering aid, claiming that the goal was to coordinate response efforts better. However, as official data is compiled manually rather than digitally, NGOs received the data late resulting in delayed response. Source: TNH Around

09-15 December 2019: In Fada N’gourma city and department, Gourma province, Est region, local authorities refused to share with the NGO ‘Initiative: Eau’ information on which other aid organisations were working in Fada N’gourma and the surrounding villages. Source: TNH


30 November 2019: In Donga Mantung department, Northwest province, unidentified perpetrators kidnapped and later murdered an aid worker from the LNGO and UN partner COMINSUD. Source: OCHA

Central African Republic

14 December 2019: In Bangui, security forces raided an MSF-run surgical trauma centre and detained four staffers until at least December 20. In response, MSF suspended non-emergency activities at the facility. Source: National Post

24 December 2019: In Bangui, a Red Cross national staff member was killed during an exchange of fire between criminal gangs and traders.
The clashes reportedly began on December 24 when a gang member was killed in an exchange of fire with a trader. Media reports indicate as of December 27 over 30 individuals have been killed in the violent clashes. Source: AWSD

Democratic Republic of the Congo

02 December 2019: Near Beni city, North Kivu province, hundreds of demonstrators calling for the withdrawal of the UN from Beni marched towards a UN base inside an airport, prompting security forces to block them. Heavy gunfire ensued. Source: Al Jazeera

02 – 03 December 2019: Near Biakato, Ituri province, unidentified perpetrators attacked the office of the WHO, causing unspecified material damage. Source: Radio Okapi

02 – 03 December 2019: In Biakato Mines, Mambasa territory, Ituri province, during the night/early morning a group of people armed with sticks and machetes attempted to break into an MSF compound, throwing rocks at the building. In response, MSF decided to withdraw its staff until further notice.
Sources: Al Jazeera, MSF, Radio Okapi, TNH and VOA

02-03 December 2019: In Biakato, Mambasa territory, Ituri province, a group armed with sticks and machetes, suspected to be Mayi-Mayi militia attacked an MSF health centre during the night/early morning. No one was injured but goods were reportedly destroyed. MSF decided to suspend its activities in the locality of Biakato and temporarily withdraw staff. Source: MSF and Radio Okapi

08 December 2019: In Biakato area, Mambasa territory, Ituri province, five or six unidentified perpetrators attempted to attack the base of MONUSCO, prompting peacekeepers to repel them successfully. Source: Gulf Times

15 December 2019: In Butembo city, North Kivu province, gunmen from the Mai-Mai Kyandenga attacked FARDC soldiers guarding the Ebola-response base of the WHO. Source: Kivu Security Tracker


12 December 2019: On Damaturu road, Maiduguri, Borno State, two Red Cross national staff members were kidnapped by Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA) members who had set up an illegal checkpoint.
Their whereabouts are currently unknown. Six off-duty soldiers and eight civilians were also kidnapped.
The group reportedly claimed responsibility for the incident on social media. Source: AWSD1 Around 13 December 2019: In an unspecified location, a Nigerian aid worker and two Nigerian drivers from the INGO Action Against Hunger who had been kidnapped on 18 July 2019 were killed by Boko Haram/ISWAP militants. A female staff member remains in captivity. Sources: AA, Aljazeera, DW and Reuters 22 December 2019: Along the Maiduguri-Monguno road, Borno state, three aid workers from the INGO Alima were killed, and a further two kidnapped, by suspected Boko Haram members. Source: Premium Times

South Sudan

01 December 2019: In Bunj town, Maban county, Upper Nile state, at least two female INGO national aid workers were sexually assaulted, and an unspecified number physically assaulted. The perpetrators were reportedly a group of unidentified armed men in military uniforms who had entered the organisation’s compound at midnight, overpowering three guards. Cash and other valuables were taken.
At least five employees were relocated to Juba by plane, where they were received treatment and counselling. Two ex-employees are suspected perpetrators. Sources: AP, AWSD1 , UNOCHA, UNHRC, Sudan Tribune, VOA News, Radio Tamazuj I, Radio Tamazuj II, TNH, UNHCR and Xinhua Net

12 December 2019: In Bor town, Jonglei state, an INGO national staff member was assaulted and wounded by unidentified perpetrators near John Garang University. Source: AWSD

31 December 2019: In Mankien town, Mayom county, Unity state, a male INGO national aid worker was reportedly killed during the early evening at his home. No further information currently available. Source: