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Official Report from Regional Government of Madeira - 28/02/2010, at 12.30 p.m.

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News and Updates:

- The European Commissioner Mr. Johannes Hahn will visit the Autonomous Region of Madeira on the 6th and 7th of March to get acquainted with the finance needs to restore Madeira Island.

- Today, 28th of February there is going be a show called "A flower to Madeira", organized by SIC (private Portuguese television channel) and "Coliseu dos Recreios", with the patronage of His Excellency the President of Portuguese Republic and the participation of various Portuguese artists, in order to raise funds for Madeira victims.

- This afternoon Madeira Island is welcoming a Cruise Ship calling the harbour of Funchal with 4.500 tourists.

- The local tourists' operators are launching alternative excursions in Madeira Island. Some walking routes in the island are in current undergoing maintenance to ensure the safety of walkers, therefore, do consult tourism official website ( ) in order to be informed.

- Public transportation, in Funchal, is being normalized.

- The government recommends that the water should be boiled (10 minutes) before drink. Teeth brush should be done with boiled water or bottled water.


Until the end of today, 28th of February, the following accessibilities will be normalized:

- Campo da Barca Bridge.

- The road that connects Rua do Carmo and Rua do Oudinot.

- The connection between Jaime Moniz High School and Carmo Bridge.

- The bridge in Lavradores Market will be closed in order to facilitate the cleaning process

Water streams and cleaning procedures

- The water flow in the Riverside of Santa Luzia and João Gomes are already normalized.

- Riverside of S. João - It is expected that in 2 days the water flows becomes normal again.

- In Ribeira Brava and Tabua the cleaning process are evolving rapidly.

Dead people: 42.

Wounded: 16 people are still in the Hospital.

Missing People: 8.

Dislodgments: 600 people are reallocated in temporary shelters.

Water Supply: In Serra D'Água the situation will be restored as soon as possible.

Electricity: Electricity is being established all over the Island, with the exception in small areas.

Communications: Mobile phone connections and fixed communications network are operating in the entire Island.

Solidarity: We inform that there is an official fund which is located in BANIF - International Bank of Funchal with the IBAN PT 50003800011986711677151 and SWIFT CODE BNLFPTPL.


- Do consider only the information given by the Regional Government.

- We inform that the Official Report will continue during the weekend on the same basis.

- Official information can be followed:

New update will be made in 28th of February at 06.30 p.m.