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Humanity First International Situation Report – Report No. 001: Massive floods in Jakarta Area, Monday 6th January 2020

Humanity First
Publication date


  • 495,000 potentially affected

  • 60 reported fatalities

  • 199 displaced people

  • 255 Evacuation Centres


Since 31st December 2019 due to heavy rainfall Jakarta are has been affected by floods and landslides. This includes 208 sub districts in 103 districts of the 3 provinces: Jakarta, West Java and Banten. The flood also caused power outage, road closures as well as cancelled flights as the airport has also been flooded.


Since 1st January 2020 up until 4th January 2020 Humanity First Indonesia (HF) with assistance of local volunteers had arranged 4 posts and set up a temporary kitchen for food distribution purposes. The 4 posts are at Paninggilan & Gondrong (Tangerang), West Jakarta and North Cikarang. The total Food distribution so far has been listed below:

1) Paninggilan: 850 Food packages
2) Gondrong: 1305 Food packages
3) West Jakarta: 480 Food packages and still ongoing
4) North Cikarang: 300 Food packages and 32 daily needs packaging still on going

Furthermore with the help of Clean the city community HF also helped the victims by cleaning their houses.