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Bududa landslides: Survivors struggle to cope

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By Leonard Mukooli

Landslide victims in Bududa District are struggling to cope with life after they lost all they had in the calamity.

The victims are now living in churches, schools, hospitals and host families, who are finding it hard to feed and cater for all their needs.

Mr George Nambale, the Shikhururwe Village chairperson, said most victims lost all their properties. Mr Nambale said due to the overwhelming burden that victims put onto the host families, others have sought to return to their homes, putting their lives in more danger.

“Victims have no food, beddings, materials, clothing to use and this is putting them at much greater risk of getting diseases such as malaria,” he said. Ms Lorna Watsemwa, 44, a mother of seven, said life has been hard for her.

“I fled my home after the landslide. Now I have nowhere to go and nothing to eat thus this has forced me to go back to my home and die from there because I am finding it hard to continue begging for help people yet I have a big family,” Ms Watsemwa said.

Multiple landslides occurred early this month in Sironko and Bududa districts, killing more than 50 people and displacing hundreds.

In a bid to mitigate the plight of the survivors and victims, Uganda Red Cross has delivered a consignment of non-food items such as utensils, beddings, tarpaulins and jerrycans.

Mr Ibrahim Ssenyonga, a national disaster response officer from the Uganda Red Cross, cautioned victims not to sell the relief items.