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Kiribati: Measles SitRep 2 (27/12/2019)

Govt. Kiribati
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1. Background

  • The Measles Taskforce in Kiribati is established since mid-October when the measles outbreak was declared in Samoa. Since the first measles case was confirmed in Kiribati the Health Emergency Operational Centre (HEOC) was set up in the MoH/Tarawa Central Hospital, maintaining the same management structure as previously in the measles taskforce. The main mission of the Taskforce is to constantly assess the risk of the ongoing measles outbreak in Kiribati, oversee the measles preparedness work and plan for a response in the event of measles case detection and confirmation in the country. To conclude in its risk assessment, the taskforce is structurally looking at the factors of (i) measles susceptible populations, (ii) internal and external population mobility and (iii) capacity of the health system to respond to the outbreak.

  • The Taskforce has technical experts from UNICEF and WHO that provide guidance in the areas of assessment, preparedness & response as well as valuable information and guidance to the MR immunization program.