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WFP Colombia Country Brief, November 2019

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In Numbers

  • 354 mt of food assistance distributed
  • US$ 3.5 m cash-based transfers made
  • US$ 45M 6 months funding needs
  • 390,753 people assisted

Operational Updates

• According to the new Regional Refugee and Migrants Response Plan for 2020, some 5.6 million Venezuelans will have settled or passed through Colombia by the end of 2020, with a total of 3.5 million migrants and host communities in need of assistance; out of these ,1.8 million will require food assistance. Currently, there are some 1.6 million Venezuelans in Colombia. In November, WFP reached an all-time high 390,933 vulnerable people through hot meals in community kitchens, redeemable vouchers, food kits for walking migrants and school feeding activities.

• Despite progress in establishing peace, internal conflict and violence persist in Colombia. From January to October, some 60,832 people have been displaced and 23,677 confined across the country. WFP Colombia is currently providing food assistance to some 20,000 vulnerable conflict-affected people across Colombia.

• WFP Colombia is preparing a new Country Strategy Plan to support vulnerable people through 2021-2024, in alignment with government priorities and those in the upcoming United Nations Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework.

• WFP successfully conducted a registration pilot in the Nariño department, using the corporate platform SCOPE, and a future one is planned in Arauca. WFP also held a joint mission with UNHCR, the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (UNGRD) and the Collaborative Cash Delivery Network to identify opportunities of collaboration on cash transfers and data sharing.

• WFP Colombia is implementing a communication campaign to prevent sexual exploitation and abuse. So far over 5,000 people, including cooperating partners, members of local governments, WFP staff and people assisted have been directly informed, 60 percent of these being women and girls.