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HRP 2020: Guidance note for Shelter and NFI actors

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The aim of this guidance note is to present to Shelter and NFI partners the HRP 2020 strategy as prepared by the Shelter Cluster and approved by its SAG members. In April 2019 the HCT has decided to move to activity-based costing. Therefore, unlike previous years the HRP 2020 will not require partners to submit project proposals in the Online Project System (OPS or HPC projects module). The guidance note prepared by OCHA to explain more in details what such shift entails can be found in Annex V. In any case, partners will have to adhere to the strategy developed by the Shelter Cluster and illustrated in this document. For any questions please reach out to us for assistance.


For the HRP 2020, the overarching strategic objectives have been set based on the Humanitarian Consequences that were the basis of the analysis run in the HNO 20201 . Under these strategic objectives, more specific objectives were identified2 . Moreover, the targets set in the HRP refer to the Acute People in Need (PIN) as calculated in the HNO 2020.

  1. Safeguard physical and mental well-being of 1.65 million conflict-affected people with acute needs by providing services to meet basic needs.

  2. Address critical problems related to living standards by expanding access to basic services for 1.54 million conflict-affected people with acute needs.

  3. Support 689,000 conflict-affected people in acute need who remain displaced to move toward economic independence and durable solutions by strengthening their resilience.

  4. Respond to key protection needs of affected communities in support of the transition to durable solutions in accordance with all applicable legal and policy frameworks.