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Game People - Irregular Migration and Risks

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A significant number of newly arrived migrants in Serbia are unaccompanied and separated children (UASC) and young adults. Newcomers from Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as Arab countries form the majority of this population. Many of these migrants have not entered any legal procedure and risk staying outside the legal system. They lack knowledge and information and are exposed to various risks while travelling irregularly, in an attempt to reach Western Europe. Such risks became drastically increased due to the closure of borders along the Western Balkan route and prolonged stay in an irregular situation.

The first part of this study provides an overview of the irregular journey for different population groups - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran and others. Findings and observations are presented through practical experience of field work in differed locations where Crisis Response and Policy Centre (CRPC) conducts activities.

The second part of this study presents findings of two researches, focus group discussions and a questionnaire that was implemented during risk awareness workshop among UASC and young people within accommodation centres, social protection institutions and sleeping rough in order to present young migrant’s perspective on risks of irregular movement.

Finally, a dictionary of common slang phrases used by irregular migrants casts more light on the life of many living and moving irregularly.

Findings, analysis and observations presented in this study were compiled within Migrant Vulnerability in Irregular Movement Project funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration.