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Protection in Danger Monthly News Brief - November 2019

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Burkina Faso

General: In Mentao commune, Pobé-Mengao department, Soum province, Sahel region, mounting insecurity by armed groups has forced the closure of all schools in the Mentao Refugee camp.
Humanitarian access to the camp has become increasingly challenging, with the distribution of aid severely hindered. Source: UNHCR

22 November 2019 (DOA): In Djibo commune and department, Soum province, Sahel region, mounting insecurity by armed groups forced the UNHCR to temporarily relocate its staff to an unspecified location to work remotely. Source: UNHCR

Central African Republic

16 November 2019: On Djema road, Goutere, Haut-Mbomou prefecture, a South-Sudanese refugee was shot and killed by unidentified armed men. Source: Radio Ndeke Luka Democratic Republic of the Congo

06 November 2019: In Mikenge village, South Kivu province, two IDPs were injured in an attack by Kibukila Mayi Mayi fighters on an unnamed IDP camp. FARDC and MONUSCO forces intervened. Source: ACLED

South Africa

15 November 2019: In Pretoria, Gauteng province, following a week of demonstrations, approximately 150 refugees protesting recent xenophobic attacks forced their way into a UN compound. Police then removed them from the building. Source: AP

South Sudan

13 November 2019: In Melut community, Melut county, Upper Nile state, nearly 67 ex-employees of World Vision at the Melut IDP camp continued to complain over unpaid benefits by the INGO since November 2018. Source: Radio Tamazuj

21 November 2019: In Bentiu town, Rubkona county, Northern Liech state, clashes erupted between intoxicated youth within a UNMISS-run PoC site. As UN police attempted to intercede and restore order, the rioters threw stones and sticks. Eight UN staff were injured, and two unidentified people were killed. Sources: Office of the Spokesperson of the UN Secretary-General and UN News


09 November 2019: In White Nile state, the body of a South Sudanese refugee from Al Redis refugee camp was found in a local river. Source: Radio Tamazuj 09 November 2019: At Khor Al Warral refugee Camp, White Nile state, a South Sudanese refugee was stabbed to death in his home by unidentified perpetrators. Source: Radio Tamazuj


Week of 06 November 2019: At Nduta refugee camp, Kibondo district, Kigoma province, forced disappearances of Burundian refugees from the camp and destruction of property were reported during joint operations between Tanzanian and Burundian police. In recent months, around 60 refugees have been reported as missing. Police forces have been accused of destroying property to encourage refugees to return to Burundi. Source: ACLED

09 November 2019: In Kibondo district, Kigoma province, an unidentified number of Burundian refugees from Nduta refugee camp were arrested and tortured in prison. Source: Radio Pulblique Africaine

17 November 2019: At Nyarugusu refugee camp, Kasulu, Kigoma province, two Burundian refugees were shot and wounded during a home robbery by a group of 5-8 armed men. Cash was taken. Source: SOS Medias Burundi

24 November 2019: At Nyarugusu refugee camp, Kasulu, Kigoma province, a Burundian refugee was beaten to death by police officers allegedly because he ventured outside the camp without ID documents.
Source: Radio Publique Africaine