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Building the Capacity of the CCCM Community

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CCCM Cluster
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Session overview Objectives

• Review recent capacity-building initiatives
• Identify capacity-building priorities & way forward Session outline
• Review since last year
• Current capacity-building initiatives
• Learning Needs Assessment overview
• Group work – priorities by region
• Plenary

Capacity-building review since last year

• Capacity-building session Cluster Retreat 2018

• Review & sharing of CB initiatives & challenges (staff turnover, lack of time to implement new approaches)

• New CCCM training package

• Action points:
• Adapt existing modules to common contexts
• Encourage contextualising of modules in collaboration with relevant actors, e.g. national authorities

• 1 Global ToT (held in Amman), 25 participants
• 2 Government / 13 INGO (LWF, ACTED, DRC, NRC, PUI, TDH) / 10 IOM/UNHCR
• 17 participants field-based / 8 regional or global capital-based

• Capacity-Building Working Group re-started

Capacity-Building Working Group
• Supports delivery the global learning materials
• exchanges information on best practice according to context-specific needs ( as needed for national level)
• contributes to the mapping of CCCM learning trends and advises on competence/needs, and training resources and tools
• supports field operations on learning initiatives and provides guidance on CCCM learning interventions and methods (coaching, mentoring)
• contributes to the identification of CCCM learning needs among CCCM practitioners at different levels (local/ national)
• shares lessons learned in Monitoring and Evaluation, hence contributing to CCCM Cluster members’ capacity to design and implement effectively CCCM activities
• contributes to the CCCM cluster website to strengthen interactivity, collective learning, resource sharing and dissemination of information
• explores other clusters’ learning needs in CCCM sector
• can be called upon to contribute to concept notes and fundraising efforts to ensure the continuity of its activities, in coordination with the CCCM cluster/sector leads
• reflects on lessons learned in CCCM learning interventions to share with Global cluster for publication case study publication or circulation on the CCCM website