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Financial Service and Transfer Mechanisms: Financial Service Providers Mapping for Northeast Nigeria Cash Working Group Nigeria

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For number of years, Cash working group (CWG) partners have been contracting financial service providers (FSP), payment service providers, traders, platform providers, to deliver Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) to the most affected IDPs, host communities and returnees. There was strong need to map-out the existing financial services and transfer mechanisms, and to address these needs CWG has finalized financial service providers’ (FSPs) mapping, which, provided an in-depth analysis and capacity of the FSPs to support cash and voucher assistance (CVA) in the BAY states. The mapping showed that banks, microfinance banks, mobile money service providers, digital payment platforms, local financial service systems, and cash vendors are the most commonly used FSPs in the states. While the FSP landscape is challenged by insecurity and limited coverage, with the increasing using of CVA, the CWG would continue to work with the partners and the private sector to strengthen the landscape for FSPs’ in the Borno, Adamawa and Yobe (BAY) states.

This document has been structured along the stages that CWG partners would usually take to select the most appropriate FSP and cash delivery mechanisms. CWG members should use this document to justify moving quickly through the more ‘generic’ stages of an FSP procurement process, while also taking into account recommendations and considerations for the more individual stages. The document is part of a complete package which includes the financial services and transfer mechanisms document and excel data sheets.

By summarising this evidence and assumptions, the CWG Nigeria has captured common agreement on this topic and created a reference point which can be referred to in future response analysis and program design. This process has also identified risks and recommendations for common attention that can be considered by CWG partners.

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