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Albania: PM Berisha receives Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi's special envoy about created situation from floods

Govt. Albania
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Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Sali Berisha received the special envoy of Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, Mr. Roberto Guercio, a special adviser of PM Berlusconi to Committee of Protection of Dykes in Italy. The created situation because of the floods in Albania was the topic of the talks.

Mr. Guercio conveyed to PM Berisha the cordial greetings of Italian PM Berlusconi and emphasized that it was PM Berlusconi who ordered his urgent return from the USA to Albania so that to confirm the total support of the Italian government to remedy this situation which can be managed, as he put it.

Mr. Guercio said he knows the situation in Albania, the dykes and specifics as well as the capacity of Albanian technical staff and expressed his belief of the situation fully handled. "It's important, - said he- that the citizens see that the authorities and professionals are seriously handling the situation while being certain in administering the event and forecasting the future."

PM Berisha expressed warm thanks for PM Berlusconi and government of Italy for their quick reaction and willingness to help in coping with the created situation. The prime minister acquainted the Italian envoy with the created situation as a result of the extraordinary water flow into the Drini River basin as well as with the problems that have risen because of water discharges along all Drini cascade and the floods in the low-lying land of Nën-Shkodra. Mr. Berisha said the Albanian state is earnestly dealing with the situation and highlighted the crystal clear priority of the government to save human lives.

Mr. Roberto Guercio and Italy ambassador Saba D'Elia offered their support and assistance on behalf of the Italian state in coping with the situation, in the aspect of dykes security and civil emergencies. They voiced their willingness to help our country in overcoming this difficult moment, but even in treatment of the issue of dykes' security over a more long-term period.