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European Commission approves aid worth ECU 1.606 million for flood victims

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DN: IP/97/935 =A0=A0=A0 Date: 1997-10-31

The European Commission has approved humanitarian aid worth a total of ECU 1.606 million for victims of floods in Poland and the Czech Republic. The aid, managed by the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO), will enable European non-governmental organisations to carry out a programme of emergency repairs of schools and homes before winter sets in. This grant tops up ECU 2.5 million of humanitarian aid made available this summer at the peak of the crisis.

Central and Eastern Europe were hit by the worst floods ever to affect the region in July. Thousands of people are still displaced, while industry and agriculture have been very severely disrupted. Pending the massive reconstruction that will have to take place, ECHO is assisting those in need with targeted programmes of basic rehabilitation.
ECHO's partners in this action are: Caritas (Belgium), which will carry out basic repairs to some 15 schools in Poland. About 9,000 children will benefit. Associazione Volontaria per il Servizio Internazionale (AVSI) (Italy) will carry out rehabilitation to 30 heavily-damaged houses in the municipalities of Zdzieszowice and Renska Wies, as well as to the school in the former. Essential household goods will be distributed to around 300 families. Caritas (Austria) will carry out repairs to homes in the Czech Republic (Olomouc and Ostrava). Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA - Germany) will repair two badly-damaged schools in the Polish city of Opole. Equilibre (France) will repair the school in Krosna, in the district of Nowy Sacz (Poland), with ECHO providing nearly half the funding.