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Organizational Network Analysis Handbook for Human Rights Programs and Campaigns: A Handbook for Practitioners (2019 Version)

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This Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) handbook is the third module in Pact’s Network Strengthening Toolkit series, a set of educational publications that explores the theories, approaches, and step-by-step techniques for analyzing and strengthening networks. This is the updated 2019 version of the ONA Handbook.

Purpose of This Handbook

Purpose of this handbook this handbook is intended to help human rights practitioners, specifically those partners of the Human Rights Support Mechanism (HRSM), understand how to use and what can be achieved by Pact’s ONA tool. The handbook provides the information needed to understand how the ONA works and how best to incorporate network analysis into a project. The materials in this handbook draw on an extensive literature review, surveys with 16 networks operating in 10 countries, in depth case study research focusing on four very different but successful networks, and Pact’s 40 years of experience in connecting people, places, and ideas and catalyzing the evolution of effective local structures to overcome challenges and support positive change.