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ACAPS Briefing Note: Syria - Displacement in the northeast (21 October 2019)

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Airstrikes and ground attacks hit multiple towns and cities in the northeast of Syria after Turkey launched a military offensive into the Kurdish-held territory on 9 October. As of 18 October, fighting between Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) caused over 146 civilian casualties and displaced at least 190,000 people from their homes. The majority have fled into Hasakeh and Raqqa governorates where towns are overwhelmed by the influx of IDPs and services are overstretched. Particularly Hasakeh city has seen large numbers of arrivals. Conflict has severely damaged the water and electric supply infrastructure.

Anticipated scope and scale

Continued escalation of conflict in northeast Syria puts over 2 million civilians at risk. Further displacement is likely to increase needs and push humanitarian services to their limits. People living in northeast Syria have experienced multiple displacements. The surrounding cities where people are likely to flee have been heavily contaminated with mines, and lack basic services. IDP camps in the area are already overstretched due to years of conflict.

Humanitarian constraints

Humanitarian operations are severely hampered by heavy shelling, disrupted supply chains, and shifts in territorial control. International staff have been Protection evacuated.