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Tropical Cyclones Idai and Kenneth, Mozambique National Situation Report 11, 4th October 2019 (Period covered: September 9th to 22nd, 2019)

Govt. Mozambique
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Key Highlights

Cyclone Idai

There are 68 active resettlement sites in cyclone Idai affected provinces, hosting 83,885 individuals.
For populations in the resettlement areas, vulnerabilities remain in accessing basic health services,
Acute malnutrition and pellagra cases are being reported into EWARS for Sofala province.
Generally, weekly malaria cases reported in Idai affected districts are decreasing significantly in Beira and increasing in Dondo and Nhamanatanda, with a total 141,475 cases registered from 27th March to 22nd September 2019.

Cyclone Kenneth

There are 2 resettlement sites in Cabo Delgado with healthcare facility services accessible within a 6km range.
Generally, weekly malaria cases in cyclone Kenneth affected districts continue to increase in Pemba and decrease in Metuge and Macomia, with a total 78,018 cases registered as of 22nd September 2019.