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Sri Lanka: Disaster Preparation and Response Plans in Anuradhapura District

Sri Lanka
Govt. Sri Lanka
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The Disaster Preparation and Response Plan for the Anuradhapura District has been completed and ready to be used by the relevant stakeholders. In 22 out of 23 Divisional Secretariat Divisions in the Anurdhapura District, initial workshops for Disaster Preparation and Response Planning at the local level have already been held and Disaster Management Committees have also been appointed. The Planning is carried out representing all institutions which come together in an emergency situation namely, the District Secretariat, defence, health, wildlife, irrigation, statistics, social services etc. The Plans have been prepared focusing mainly on disasters unique to the District such as draught, floods, lightening, cyclones, tornadoes, damages by wild elephants, Chronic Kidney Disease and damages threat due to poachers' guns.

The initial workshops for preparing the Disaster Preparation Plans for the Palagaswewa and Kekirawa Divisional Secretariats were held on 27-10-2009. The Additional District Secretary for Anuradhapura was the Chief Guest. Disaster Management Committees were also established and the Plans are scheduled to be prepared within two months. In addition, steps have been taken to hold awareness programmes at the rural level and to prepare the Disaster Preparation and Response Plans for the Grama Niladhari Divisions prone to disasters frequently.