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Samaritan’s Purse Field Visit Report in Petit Goâve, Ouest Department, September 19, 2019

Publication date

Type of Disaster: Flooding and Landslide

Brief description:

During the night of September 18, 2019, torrential rain hit the commune of Petit Goâve causing flooding from La Digue river that overflowed and destroyed almost everything in its path. Main localities affected by flooding include: Petite Guinee, Saint Paul, Nan Bannanne, Dlo Figaro, and Rue Benoit Prolonge where approximatively 240 houses were totally flooded, 55 were houses partially destroyed, 30 houses were completely destroyed, 4 people are missing including a 2 year old child, and 2 people are reported dead. The bridge between Petite Guinee and La rue Saint Paul is damaged and gardens are partially affected. The Haitian Civil Protection Agency (DPC) reported that some scholastic materials w washed away by heavy floodwaters. 1 Scholastic materials are seen in residual waters and mud outside the affected houses. Water and sanitation facilities are badly affected and water pipes from Haiti’s National Water and Sanitation Department (DINEPA) observed under the mud and floodwater. .

Identification of the affected area

a. Department : Ouest b. Commune : Petit Goave c. City/Section : 11th and 12th Section d. Name of the mayor : Jean Limonji

Human and material losses

From direct observation during the initial assessment, people are living in temporary shelters. For example, one family with six members was sharing a house with a neighbor who still had his house.
The affected population includes approximatively 1,930 individuals from 386 flooded houses and 80 destroyed houses, as shared by DPC at the time of writing this report on September 20, 2019.

Shelter concerns

386 houses are flooded and 80 houses are destroyed. Churches, schools and publics building have not been assessed yet

Health concern

Health structures (health centers) in the area are not affected, but this needs to be confirmed after the assessment, to be conducted shortly.