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Democratic Republic of Congo: Ebola Virus Disease - External Situation Report 59

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In the past week, from 9 to 15 September, 51 new confirmed Ebola virus disease (EVD) cases, with an additional 26 deaths, have been reported from nine health zones in three affected provinces in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Throughout the week, localised, minor security incidents have impacted the response, including burial and vaccination activities in Mambasa and Komanda. In addition, there was a major security incident in Lwemba, within Mandima health zone from 14-16 September 2019. The event was in response to the recent death of a local healthcare worker from EVD. Due to the violence and vandalism that occurred during the incident, all activities have been suspended in the area until further notice. In addition to seriously impacting the response activities on the ground, this could lead to gaps or delays in the reporting of new EVD cases in this hotspot area. Overall, these incidents underscore the need for continued and proactive engagement and sensitizing of local communities, especially in the high-risk areas that may not currently be affected.

In the 21 days from 26 August to 15 September 2019, 52 health areas in 15 health zones reported new cases. During this period, a total of 149 confirmed cases were reported, with the majority coming from the health zones of Mambasa (19%, n=29), Kalunguta (19%, n=28), Mandima (19%, n=28), and Beni (10%, n=15). Fourteen health zones that have previously reported cases of EVD since the beginning of the outbreak have not reported a case in more than 21 days.

As of 15 September 2019, a total of 3129 EVD cases were reported, including 3018 confirmed and 111 probable cases, of which 2096 cases died (overall case fatality ratio 67%). Of the total confirmed and probable cases with reported sex and age, 56% (1755) were female, 29% (893) were children aged less than 18 years, and 5% (159) were healthcare workers.