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Afghanistan Humanitarian Response: Wash Cluster Updates, Cluster Achievements - August 2019

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Annual Target (HRP) 1.5 Million

Total People Reached (August 2019) 73,901

Total People Reached (Year 2019) 976,870

No of Partners Responded 27

Response: with Support from ECHO, Caritas Germany and CHA, responded to drought effected 2289 households in Lal wa Sarjangle and Dolayna districts of Ghor province, through 44 wells for 15,789 individuals, water quality test for 30 wells, hygiene promoting for 2,289 HHs, distribution of hygiene kit for 1,659 HHs, distribution of jerry can for 1,659 HHs, distribution of water storages tanks with the capacity of 400 liters for 779 HHs and an accountability conference at the end of the project.

Challenges/Issues: Increased insecurity in some of the provinces such as Ghor, Balkh and Baghlan has resulted in partners having limited and restricted access to project locations thereby delaying delivery of services to the affected populations and completion of the projects in such locations; Uncompleted and Ongoing works on durable solutions in Herat at Sherak Sabz and Regreshun IDP settlement sites has resulted in extension of water trucking beyond August 2019 deadline. It is estimated the durable solution will be completed by end of October 2019.

Needs assessments: WASH cluster partners have identified about 1,950 host families (13,640 people) in need of WASH assistance in Nimroz and Farah Provinces. In addition, WASH partners are currently conducting needs assessments in different provinces, which will be completed in coming weeks.

Preparedness and durable solutions: WASH partners have emergency stocks in 46 locations across 23 provinces (33,871 hygiene kits, 14,471 water kits, 3,887 latrine slabs, 183 water storage tanks of different capacities and 7 Million Aqua tab) that can cover the needs of about 200,000 people for a period of a month.