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Middle East and North Africa Zone: Zonal Plan 2010-2011 (MAA80003)

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Executive summary

This plan displays the main areas of intervention of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Zone Office. It builds on the country context and supports the plans, needs and ambitions of the National Societies of MENA region. The MENA Zone Office functions as a platform for International Federation and Movement cooperation among the National Societies of the region and their partners. The National Societies and the Zone Office are connected through networks, communities of practice, zone-wide strategies and a high level strategic dialogue. The Zone Office team is closely associated with the National Societies of MENA and has representations based in several National Societies and a regional office for North Africa. The MENA-wide and global International Federation cooperation is based on the practised concepts of knowledge sharing and good partnership. National Society and regional resources are teamed in order to build stronger National Societies and regional capabilities.

This plan elaborates the strategic priorities of the Zone Office and translates the purposes of the integrated programmes for disaster management, health and care, organisational development and Principles and Values into action. It is designed to enable the Zone Office team to move forward together with the National Societies of MENA region from the International Federation's Strategy for 2010 to the Strategy for the next decade - Strategy 2020. It has to be understood in conjunction with country plans and Emergency Appeals.

The total 2009-2010 overall budget is CHF 9,287,816 (USD 9,001,751 or EUR 6,111,382), from which CHF 4,000,000 is already covered under the core funding. Click here to go directly to the summary budget of the plan (excluding the core funded component).