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ASEAN Weekly Disaster Update, 02 – 08 Sep 2019

République démocratique populaire lao
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Dry weather is continue to persist in the Southern ASEAN region particularly Kalimantan (Indonesia) which in alert level 3 for trans boundary haze advisory according to the ASEAN Speciliased Meteorological Centre (ASMC). On the other hand, heavy rainfall persisted in the northern part of the ASEAN region due to the combination of tropical cyclones and enhancement of the Southwest Monsoon.


Due to the combination of a Low Pressure Area (LPA), Tropical Storm PODUL, and Tropical Depression KAJIKI on 29 August and 02 September 2019, six (6) provinces in Lao PDR, namely Khammouan, Savannakhet, Champasak, Saravan, Sekong, and Attapeu, have experienced massive flooding with 396,806 affected people and 87,890 internally displaced. The AHA Centre is currently acting on the request for assistance from Lao PDR in support of the emergency response and relief operations, through the deployment of relief items in the Disaster Emergency Logistics System of ASEAN (DELSA) such as family kits, personal hygiene kits, kitchen kits, mosquito nets, and jerry cans.


The northern ASEAN region particularly Lao PDR, Thailand, Viet Nam, and the Philippines experienced heavy rainfall and thunderstorms during the week due to several atmospheric phenomena such as Low Pressure Area, Tropical Depression (KAJIKI), and Tropical Storm (LINGLING). Meanwhile the southern region remained generally dry with isolated showers occurring near the equatorial zone.


There were seven (7) earthquakes with magnitude 5.0 and above that occurred last week in Indonesia (BMKG), and the Philippines (PHIVOLCS). None of these earthquakes resulted to significant damages.


With prevailing winds in the northern ASEAN region expected to strengthen and blow from the southwest or west, the ASEAN Speciliased Meteorological Centre (ASMC) forecasts many parts of the northern ASEAN region to experience scattered showers. Meanwhile, in the southern ASEAN region, dry condition is still expected to persist, except for some showers over Malaysia, and parts of Sumatra (Indonesia). However, hotspot activities in Sumatra and Kalimantan (Indonesia) may persist. Meanwhile, TS LINGLING and TS KAJIKI will continue to develop during the next few days.