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Ukraine: Protection Cluster Factsheet - July 2019 [EN/RU/UK]

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  • Civilian casualties: The UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine recorded 27 conflict-related casualties (six persons were killed and 21 injured).

  • Mine contamination: On 3 July, a civilian was injured by a mine explosion while helping the State Emergency Services of Ukraine fight a forest fire in the vicinity of Kolesnykovka (Donetsk, GCA).
    Two boys were injured while playing with hand grenadesin Illovaisk and Kirovske (Donetsk NGCA).

  • Security: The security situation remains tense, with an average of 25 security incidents registered daily.
    At least 84 civilian dwellings were damaged or destroyed on the GCA. Sixty of them were damaged as a result of the disposal of explosives by Ukrainian military forces in the vicinity of Zaitseve (Donetsk, GCA).

  • Freedom of movement: On 21 July, EECP Maiorske was closed due to demining activities conducted around the checkpoint.
    On 31 July, EECP Hnutove was closed due to mine explosions near the EECP, as UXOs detonated when they caught fire from the nearby burning grass.

  • Isolated settlements: Since 22 July, a Sloviansk-based transport service provider increased busfaresfor residents of Zaitseve, which will impact accessto transport and services for about 787 residents of this isolated community.
    Fifty residents of Leonidivka settlement (Donetsk, GCA) do not have access to transport and basic services, including a pharmacy, food store, post office and bank branch. People must walk 2.5 kilometers to the nearest bus stop, which is difficult given that most residents are elderly.

  • Access to the healthcare: 1,200 residents of Starohnativka settlement (Donetsk,

GCA) do not have access to medical services. The closest health centre is 15km away and is not accessible by public transport.
The residents of Zolote settlement (Luhansk, GCA) must pay 400-500 UAH for private bus services to reach the nearest hospitals in Hirske and Popasna.

  • Gender-based violence: During the information sessions on GBV organized by Slavic Heart, women highlighted the absence ofsheltersin Luhansk oblast and limited number in Donetsk oblast as an acute protection concern, particularly asthe police are reluctant to issue emergency restraining orders against perpetrators.

  • IDP eviction: the Kharkiv regional working group on temporary accommodation for IDPs reported that accommodation in the Collective Center, inhabited by 302 IDPs, will not be available after 31 August, due to the unsafe conditions of the facility.